Where am I?

I love exploring new areas on foot, but it does get kinda frustrating during a long run when I hit a dead-end in the path and have to turn around and find another route - over and over! I am happy to report that it is pretty cool for July (maybe it's always like this in July and I'm used to CA?) and it made for a pleasant run :) 12 miles, slow and steady. *Oh, and I saw a … [Read more...]

A new runner?

I needed to go to a running store for fuel belt replacement water bottles and ended up at Roadrunner. Anytime I go into a running shoe store I check out any clearance items they have in case they are selling something cheap in my shoe/size. Luckily (?) I have massive feet and often score!!! I got this pair of Supernovas for $60.00 - Nice! I also got my water bottles. The ones … [Read more...]