A new runner?

I needed to go to a running store for fuel belt replacement water bottles and ended up at Roadrunner. Anytime I go into a running shoe store I check out any clearance items they have in case they are selling something cheap in my shoe/size. Luckily (?) I have massive feet and often score!!!

I got this pair of Supernovas for $60.00 – Nice!DSCN0160

I also got my water bottles. The ones that came with my belt got lost in the move :( The only bad thing is these come in packs of 3 – and I needed 4. The sales lady said the company assumes you just need to replace 1 or 2Ā  – not all of them. I think she was kinda insinuating that I am a loser for losing them all so I explained my cross country move to a total stranger.DSCN0159

Since we were there Ben was looking at shoes too and asked the lady questions about his pick (also from the sales rack). She offered to assess his running gait…first with shoesDSCN0144

and then barefoot…do we have a new runner on our hands? Only time will tell, but Ben did end up buying a pair of running shoes šŸ˜‰DSCN0146

On to the eats…I was running late today but did have time to enjoy a big bowl of oats before I left. Oats keep me full for so much longer than most other breakfast eats. I think a lot of it has to do with eating fat for breakfast because toast with PB keeps me full too…DSCN0131

I had a “work lunch” and ended up eating out at a cute Italian place. So, it’s predictable that my meal started with bread – as all meals should!DSCN0132

I ordered the Maryland Crab soup – it was a broth based soup with crab and veggies. I loved it :)DSCN0134

But, it didn’t keep me full for long so I cracked open cherries and watermelon a bit later…DSCN0138


My afternoon snack was yogurt and cereal.DSCN0140

After work I had some time to kill before Ben picked me up (no walking home today!) and found myself atĀ  the grocery store next store to my work. I actually kinda planned this since I have been craving something from their bakery since I can smell it in the mornings! I ended up with a lf bran muffin for Ben and I to share. I should have gotten something more fun though…DSCN0142

We had a coupon for 5 bucks off a sushi joint, so that was dinner. We really needed a date night after a long week!

Miso soup to start. It still embarrasses Ben that I take pics of my food, get over it. I did have to talk myself out of stealing this super cute square bowl though!DSCN0148

I ordered the broccoli and “chicken” with brown rice. Some vegetarians hate fake meat substitutes, but I LOVE THEM!DSCN0152

I also shared in some of Ben’s sushi – I love unagi. I also tried the “Las Vegas” roll with included salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese. Oh, and then they “lightly” fried the whole thing. Please explain to me how you “lightly” fry something?! Seriously, it’s either fried or it’s not and this sucker was fried.DSCN0154

I didn’t need dessert, but banana soft serve has been on my mind since I left California. When we stocked up our kitchen appliances at Target (with Wedding gift cards) I picked out the blender that also comes with a food processor attachment – 2 appliances in 1! I topped it with PB Puffins and chocolate chips because I am the worst.DSCN0157

Tomorrow involves running and driving to New freakin’ Jersey to finally get some furniture in this place. We are currently living in squalor with all our clothes thrown on the floor and sleeping on an air mattress. You read the blog of one classy bitch folks…DSCN0127

Ben’s random comment of the day:

“I think midget porn just encourages pedophilia…”

*Note: this came out of nowhere, it wasn’t part of a conversation we were having at all. He is very random.


  1. says

    The random quote made me snort in a most unladylike fashion.

    I may have to jump onto the banana soft serve train soon, it looks soooo nommable!

  2. sydneybristow2009 says

    Isn’t it fun that you can move across the country and take your blog with you ? It’s been fun following you along.

    I LUUURVE running stores ! They absolutely know what they are doing – as opposed to the local discount shoe/sportswear place. So worth a visit, exp to get the right pair of shoes.

    Are you still training for a marathon ?

  3. says

    lucky you that you can find bigger size shoes on clearance. i have big feet too, and there’s never any good selection (if they have them at all).

    and hilarious random quote!

  4. Evan Thomas says

    Lol. I’m liking the random quote.
    I didn’t even know Walt Disney had a marathon but now I want to run it

  5. says

    No way! Some guy came into our store on Friday and while I was watching him run on the treadmill he mentioned that the last place he went to had him run barefoot – which I thought was kinda weird since most people run differently barefoot than they do in sneakers…did they say why barefoot? Just curious (big nerd)!

    You’re going to have to get some whole Maryland crabs before the summer is over! SOOO yummy!!

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