Knotty by nature

I don't know if it's the humidity or what but my hair has been getting ridiculously knotted on my runs :( This Saturday it was REALLY BAD and I ripped a bunch of my hair while trying to get the knots out. I  was so frustrated! I braid my hair in a pony tail to prevent knots, but that isn't even helping. Any suggestions? Mary Training: I had another great run today! 6 miles, … [Read more...]

Buy stock in chickpeas

Here is my stock tip for you today: Buy stock in garbanzos beans. I just realized that they amazing straight up for a snack. I was eating them out of a tupperware yesterday and thought I would bring them to work today as a snackie. Best decision I made today. Do it. I sprinkled some season salt stuff on them and that's it. Perfect. Okay, wait let's backup. My glamourous packed … [Read more...]