Buy stock in chickpeas

Here is my stock tip for you today: Buy stock in garbanzos beans. I just realized that they amazing straight up for a snack. I was eating them out of a tupperware yesterday and thought I would bring them to work today as a snackie. Best decision I made today. Do it. I sprinkled some season salt stuff on them and that’s it. Perfect.DSCN0222

Okay, wait let’s backup. My glamourous packed lunch was a AB&J on real bread (not those tiny english muffins), carrots and cherries.DSCN0211

I bought a 10lb. bag of carrots from Costco this weekend. I thought I would have a lot of carrots, but apparently they just give you two 5lb. carrots – because look at this massive beast! What kind of rabbit snacks on a carrot this big? (Keep in mind that I have massive hands too.)DSCN0213

A little while later I had my famous trail mix. I am addicted.DSCN0219

I took a short walk to T-Mobile to check out their phone selection before my phone dies and found out the new G phone is coming out in a month. Hmmmm… Should I or shouldn’t I?

Dinner was supposed to be noodles in a peanut sauce I had planned out and made a special trip to the store for, but because of time and effort I went with a MASSIVE salad with veggies, a veggie burger, peanuts and tossed with TJ’s peanut dressing and ketchup on the burger parts.DSCN0225

I also had crackers and hummus.DSCN0227

I had a bowl of PB Puffins for dessert. Probably ate too many since I feel like crap now. Boo. I need to remember to cut back on dinna if I am going to insist on dessert!DSCN0228I should be cleaning since I’m still living in squalor, but when I found out my surprise visitor had to postpone I decided to also postpone cleaning. I am embarrassed…

I left this Operation Beautiful note on a box of Slimfast bars in the store today. I was in the store yesterday watching a lady look at them and I wanted to tell her something, but I didn’t think it was appropriate. It just kills me because I used to starve myself on those stupid bars. Years later I’m still trying to learn how to lose weight in a healthy way…DSCN0215Treat yourself well with healthy, yummy food and love your body just as you are!


  1. says

    LOL at you giant carrots.

    I never buy carrots but “steal” them from my horse’s supply (we buy huge, 50lbs bags), they are gigantic as well and not very pretty but taste so much better than the food version!

  2. Christy says

    My husband and I used to eat baby carrots all the time until I started reading blogs and saw that everyone was eating whole carrots. Now I can never eat a baby carrot again! They are so watery and don’t even taste like a carrot! As for the chickpeas, have you tried roasting them? They are a little crunchier and have more “chew” to them, and make an easy snack to much on. But I love them either way. :)

  3. says

    I love that note! Not judging and lets people know they can lose weight without the junk that is in those bars.

    I love the idea of eating garbanzos as a snack. Sometimes I need more protein and don’t know how to get it in. This would be a great idea. *adds garbanzos to shopping list*

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