Knotty by nature

I don’t know if it’s the humidity or what but my hair has been getting ridiculously knotted on my runs icon sad Knotty by nature

This Saturday it was REALLY BAD and I ripped a bunch of my hair while trying to get the knots out. I  was so frustrated!

I braid my hair in a pony tail to prevent knots, but that isn’t even helping. Any suggestions?

Mary Training: I had another great run today! 6 miles, felt great.

My Costco naners aren’t ripe yet so I needed to use a frozen banana for breakfast. I went with a big Green Monster and Almond Butter toast. dscn0231 Knotty by nature

I got this letter from my little brother in the mail this morning…it made me sad because he said he misses me icon sad Knotty by nature I love you Matt!dscn0232 Knotty by natureI gotta go…see you later! Have a beautiful day icon smile Knotty by nature


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    Your green monster looks so delicious, it’s making me thirsty! Awww, that letter is so adorable, it must be fun to have a little brother:)

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    That letter is so sweet!

    About the hair- maybe comb through some leave-in conditioner before the run? I usually do that before swimming or my hair ends up in all kinds of knots.

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    i only comb my hair in the shower (so that i can use conditioner) like jess said. if it’s going to be really humid / rainy out i (french) braid my hair before heading out but still only comb in the shower.

    and that note is soooo cute!

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    I put my hair into a bun before some runs, one that’s wrapped up in a lot of hair ties, instead of bobby pins. If all else fails, I use my wide-tooth comb and conditioner in the shower.

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