Sleep running

Instead of sleep walking I was "Sleep Running" this morning. So. Tired. I have been wanting oatmeal, but kinda picked the wrong day to make it since I am super hot now. It's finally getting hot here and it was super humid this morning. It might be overnight oats (which I just kinda like) or cold cereal for the rest of the summer!!! Yes, I topped my oatmeal with HoneyComb - it … [Read more...]

Recipe: Peanut Sauce

I used this recipe as inspiration, but really ended up throwing things into the pan to taste... Peanut Sauce 1/3c peanut butter 1/4c water (can use broth if you like) 1 T. Chili Garlic sauce 1 T. soy sauce 1 T. lemon juice 1 T. Sugar (or honey, agave - I only had sugar) Dash lemon juice Dash red chili flakes Directions: Combine all ingredients in sauce pan … [Read more...]

Lick the pan

I made a great peanut sauce today and basically licked the pan clean. Note to self: Make sure the pan is no longer hot before you lick it! Dinner was ww Noodles and broccoli in this delicious sauce. I ended up topping it  with a bunch of Sriracha. My mouth was burning, but it was AMAZING!!! *I actually used the leftover broccoli to clean the pan :) The quick and easy peanut … [Read more...]