Lick the pan

I made a great peanut sauce today and basically licked the pan clean.

Note to self: Make sure the pan is no longer hot before you lick it!DSCN0254

Dinner was ww Noodles and broccoli in this delicious sauce. I ended up topping it  with a bunch of Sriracha. My mouth was burning, but it was AMAZING!!! *I actually used the leftover broccoli to clean the pan :) The quick and easy peanut sauce recipe is coming soon!DSCN0251

Lunch: I made a super quick grilled cheese to take for lunch today. It was good, but putting it in the tupperware when it was still hot made it soggy :( I used this good jalapeno muenster from Costco :)DSCN0236

Snackie: Chobani with cereal. I have not been feeling yogurt, but am making myself eat it because I’m afraid I’m not getting enough protien. Boo.DSCN0243

Dessert :) I had a handful of each of these after dinner. Okay, let me be honest and admit that I also had a handful on the car ride home. They are on sale at Target this week!!!DSCN0255DSCN0258

I am completely backwards on this post, but I want to note that I also had a coffee from Dunkin today. That is one this week and one last week. I don’t want to make this a habit ( I know how hard it is to break) but I am SO TIRED!!! I guess, I should go to sleep then.DSCN0234..

In other news – I have really dropped the Intuitive Eating ball and need to start fresh tomorrow. Since I have my honeymoon coming up my first thought is to cut out sweets or only snack on fruit – while these methods aren’t tragic, they aren’t going to help me long term. I need to learn how to eat my faves while feeling healthy :)


  1. Evan Thomas says

    anything with peanut sauce = win.

    And i’ve been eyeing those trail mixes for a longggg time now. Last time I was at Target I caved and bought the chocolate hazelnut biscotti granola. Definitely worth it.

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