Don't tell Ben

I have an exciting announcement!!!! I am dying to tell ya, but I kinda should tell Ben first - No, it's not what you think - it's better :) Hint: I kinda acted on a whim, but life is short. Oh, and if you are looking for a race... Summer Pricing for the Surf City Marathon/Half-Marathon ends tomorrow at midnight It's February 7, 2010 in Huntington Beach, CA I'm not running it, … [Read more...]

West meets East

Good Morning friends :) Ben (who is on CA time) called me last night and I didn't end up going to sleep until after 11pm! I know that's not late for some of you, but I am an "eight hour a night" girl all the way! So I am once again dragging this morning. Today is a Rest Day - this means I should do some cross training or something active instead of running. I always say this, … [Read more...]

Early, early dinner

I went home on my lunch to check on dinner. I was making Spanish Rice in the crockpot for the first time and wanted to make sure that I put enough water in it so it didn't burn. When I checked on it 3 hours later - it was already done! I could have had dinner at noon :) I put brown rice, diced tomatoes, water, garlic and spices and some frozen veggies in the crockpot this … [Read more...]