Pick Your Poison

I've decided that if my worst vices are diet soda and frozen yogurt I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I always feel this extreme guilt while drinking Diet Coke (maybe Catholic guilt?). Boo to guilt. *Let's note that I do eat frozen yogurt guilt free :) Ha. Anyways, one soda a day isn't going to kill me and even if it does then at least I died happy. Question: What's your … [Read more...]

I'm going to Disney World!!!

Yes folks, I am going to Disney World! Actually, I am running the Disney World Marathon! I really really have always wanted to run Disney World for a lot of reasons and I keep hearing about it buzzing around the blogs. I knew I couldn't let this year pass me by! So, on a whim I went for it and signed up. (I had mentioned it to Ben, but we never actually discussed it, which is … [Read more...]