Business Casual…

I walked home from work again today and that means bringing my ride... See how professional I look with my work dress and tennis on? Nice. I feel like a complete dork walking home, but it works. My lunch was AB&J on a sandwich thin...I have a lot of these remember? Oh yeah, if you read the blog than you're well aware. And carrots and a lot of cherries. I fill that … [Read more...]

Sunken Treasure

Rest Day from running meant a visit to the apartment's gym today. It's pretty small, but it was completely empty, which is nice. This was my first visit so I wasn't sure what to expect. It has 2 ellipticals, 2 treadmills, 1 recumbent bike and some weight machines. I stuck to the elliptical for about 40 minutes before it was time to get ready for work. It was a nice change from … [Read more...]

Walking distance

I think anything is walking distance if you have enough time. This drives Ben crazy because on the weekends I will suggest we walk places and realistically that means it would take the entire day so we don't. Boo. I walked home from work today which is about 3 miles. It seemed like a good idea this morning, but since I was carrying my bags it kinda sucked. Note to self: bring … [Read more...]

Fork it

Rachel Ray says you should separate english muffins with a fork. And since she is so likeable :) I choose to follow her advice. I made a smoothie and english muffin breakfast. I bought a huge batch of naners from Costco this weekend and didn't realize that even though they are still green (!) they are ripe since I just gave Ben one. But, I missed out :( Marathon Training: My … [Read more...]

Not Fancy Salmon Patty Recipe

I don't like trying to make recipes that include ingredients I have never heard of so all of my own recipes are super easy. Salmon Patties Recipe Ingredients (for 2 patties): can of salmon egg 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour squeeze of mustard S&P, parsley, italian seasoning and garlic to taste (use whatever spices you like!) Directions: Heat a small … [Read more...]

That new coffee smell

I worked at Starbucks for 2 years in college. I have always loved the smell of coffee, but not the taste. This kinda sucked since I had access to all the coffee/espresso I wanted while working. Plus they would give us one pound of free coffee a week! To this day I am not a regular coffee drinker, but I do pour myself a cup in cold weather to keep warm :) Well, I actually needed … [Read more...]

Marriage confirmation & my Mexican Family

Facebook sent me this email...I thought it was funny: Benjamin said on Facebook that you two are married.  We need you to confirm that you are, in fact, married to Benjamin. Well, I confirmed it with Facebook, so it must be true! Tonight we watched our wedding video. It was very  nice to be able to watch it since it happened so fast on the wedding day I don't feel like I got … [Read more...]

Back to work

I left my old job 2 weeks ago and in that time I've packed up all my stuff in Southern California and drove all the way across the US to Maryland. It still feels like a vacation, but today I'm going back to work. I start my new reporting job and I will keep you all posted with my stories :) Mary Training: I did an easy 4 miles this morning and came home (that feels weird to … [Read more...]

Square meals and nice rack

I love my new set of dishes! They are white square ones and they make me happy :) Now all my meals will be square! Today Ben and I  explored our little corner of Maryland with my new boss and his wife. But, before the tour they took us out for Indian food. I love Indian food and completely appreciate how they use spices to make meat free meals taste amazing. If I could cook … [Read more...]

Made it to Maryland

Matt (my little bro) pronounces Maryland like Disneyland - it's super cute :) Well, we finally made it! It was a very very l-o-n-g trip and I am glad to be in once location finally. Since we gave away everything we own except for what fit in the car we only had crap clothes to unpack. Then, we went to Target to buy the essentials...plates, toaster, blender, etc. We are … [Read more...]

Big Jim's

You guys know I love Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. I have always wanted to eat at one of the places Guy Fieri highlights. Well, we looked for one in Pittsburgh and scored since there  was a restaurant from the show close to where we were. Big Jim's actually has bad reviews on Citysearch, but I wanted to give it a shot. I can understand the bad reviews, … [Read more...]

Operation Marriage

Have you guys been following along as I leave Operation Beautiful notes around the USA? Well, I was hit by the Operation Marriage angel today! When we walked out of the coffee shop after breakfast  we found a card and flowers on the car!!! (Remember how we decorated the car "Just Married")It was from an anoymous well wisher. The card was signed by "A couple married 46 years" … [Read more...]

Roadtrip: Wyoming & South Dakota

Goodbye Wyoming… After driving away from Yellowstone it was nothing but open land for hours. When we finally came to a small town – Cody, WY we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was actually pretty busy since the signs around town informed us that there was a big rodeo going on and people were excited. I was surprised to find really good salsa in Wyoming. Nice … [Read more...]

Roadtrip : Yellowstone

We got into Yellowstone Sunday afternoon and most places in the park were full. We were very lucky to find a tent site in the Mammoth area. From my experience national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and  Sequoia fill  up very fast in the summer. Make reservations well in advance or get there super early for first come, first served camping. We were warned that there are … [Read more...]

What's that smell?

After camping out in Yellowstone National Park last night I stink - pretty bad actually. I'm off to take a much needed shower and I will be back with a full recap of the adventure tomorrow :) … [Read more...]

So Salty

I made it to Salt Lake City! I am always sad to leave Las Vegas :( and this time was even harder because I had to tell my bro bye. Boo. We almost ran out of gas about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas so we had to turn off the AC. It was about 105 degrees and Ben and I had indulged in many beverages the night before. Let's just say it was rough. It's so weird to see so many areas … [Read more...]