Pee Pants

So I peed my pants today and thought of Billy Maddison & the Pee pants scene... [youtube=] Okay, I didn't really pee my pants (even though it's super cool). But I did get disgustingly sweaty on my ran today and looked like I peed my pants. I was super embarrassed, but when you're running 13 miles in August it's just part of the … [Read more...]

I'm a "G"… and I'm not Fat.

So it's official, I'm a "G" with my new 3G-phone from T-mobile. I think it's officially called the My Touch, but whatev. I am normally not a fancy phone girl, but the blog has been blowing up and I'm so far from the fam so I thought it'd get one. I am excited:) Now I can email, blog and tweet it up! Follow me on Twitter because the mundane details of my day are super … [Read more...]