I'm a "G"… and I'm not Fat.

 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.So it’s official, I’m a “G” with my new 3G-phone from T-mobile. I think it’s officially called the My Touch, but whatev. I am normally not a fancy phone girl, but the blog has been blowing up and I’m so far from the fam so I thought it’d get one. I am excited:)

Now I can email, blog and tweet it up!

Follow me on Twitter because the mundane details of my day are super important – notice the sarcasm. No, you should follow me because I tweet things like – “I just showed my chonies to some random guy while getting out of my car.”

I did 5 miles this morning. Fridays used to be a rest day (before this training plan) for years. I don’t know about running the day before a long run, but I will stick with it for now.

 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.Breakfast was this new find from TJ’s. I love Raisin Bran type of cereals and have been totally wanting some so I decided in the name of Intuitive Eating to go for it icon smile I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

I had a bowl with the above and Flax Plus, naner, PB and almond milk. I love cereal. Too much, probably…dscn0334 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

All I want for lunch most of the time is PB&J – is that tragic? I only have other things for lunch because I make myself, but not today. AB&J, carrots and an apple icon smile I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat. A lot of crunch in one meal! I ate at my desk and probably drove my co-workers wild with my CRUNCHING! Sorry ladies…dscn0343 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

I left my camera in my car after an errand so here is a file pic of cherries – I also had a Kashi Trail Mix bar that was on sale at Target this week.dscn0193 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

I walked to the mall for some “exercise” after work. By exercise I mean “shopping” icon smile I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat. But, I came home empty-handed.

It was so hard to walk through the mall smelling Anne’s Pretzels, Cinnabon and fries when it’s dinner time! I resisted the urge to by dinner since I have so many leftovers at home.

Spanish rice and beans with cheese.dscn0348 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

A salad with my fave dressing – hummus icon smile I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat. dscn0349 I'm a "G"... and I'm not Fat.

After dinner I snacked on multiple mini-bowls of cereal. No pic since it was very mindless eating and I didn’t even realize the damage until now.

I cannot be left alone! When is Ben coming home!?!?!?

In other news…I decided I’m not fat today. Yep, I just decided it. I have been fat my entire life. I can’t tell you the last time (if ever) I didn’t feel fat or get super uncomfortable hearing a fat joke or glance with hatred at my legs in a reflection.

Today I was in my work bathroom and looked at myself and decided I’m going to stop thinking of myself as fat. I know this is not an overnight decision, but I do feel very strongly about it. Like with politics, sometimes I will have to listen to the other side and maybe even agree with them sometimes, but I am standing my ground on my new “Not Fat” policy.

What about you, is there anything you have decided about yourself? Is there something you should decide?

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  1. says

    i love your decision. you are so rad monica, i haven’t been commenting a lot lately because commenting from my phone is a pain, but i have been reading diligently and i have to say i am inspired by you~i need to make the decision that i am OK with having big legs. and that i will never have skinny chicken legs. still working on it. have a great weekend!

  2. Amanda says

    That is awesome! I have also decided something similar. I don’t want to be ‘skinny’ I would much rather be strong. My legs are a product of hard work and they are great!

  3. says

    you are NOT FAT!!! Great job with your decision. I hate that word “fat”. Everyone is different and it’s awful to criticize our bodies in that way. Sure I may feel “fat” next to my 92 lb stick thin roommate, but in no way am I fat. Sure I may be 15 pounds heavier than I was a few months ago, but still I am not fat! I need to keep reminding myself that everytime I look in the mirror and think that to myself. Way to be such an inspiration!

  4. says

    Yay! of course you aren’t fat – so glad you realized today what all of your fab readers have known for a while :)

    Love the new phone, very nice – and those spanish rice/beans – HOLY MMMMm!

  5. Megan says

    I use the word strong – I am strong. My body will run, it will bend itself into crazy yoga poses, it is a beatiful organic vechile that does amazing things everyday. Why degrade and belittle your body by calling it fat, when it does so much for you? I think you are making an amazing journy and the mental part is the most difficult. I am finally learning that not every woman needs to be a size 6 and I am finally accepting that having a tummy is okay. I have almost made the decision to stop weighing myself because it really is just a number and should have no bearing on my day.

  6. says

    what an awesome realization! i agree with other posters that strong is great word to use. i am slowly coming to the realization that i am smart and that i need to stop doubting myself so much

  7. says

    I’m glad that you came to that decision–it’s a good one! =)

    I need to come to the decision that just because I have an extra crappy run, it doesn’t reflect on me as a person. I’m presently wallowing in self-hatred over my WAY less than stellar long run this AM.

  8. Evan Thomas says

    That’s a great decision to make. To me, it’s not about fat or thin, it’s about healthy, including what you eat, how you live, how you think. I’ve decided for a while now I’m healthy.

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