Spider Catcher

One time Ben wanted to give me some advice about running. He is not a runner, but I thought whatever he had to say might be helpful since he's super smart:) Ben's advice: "You never want to be the first runner of the day." Me: "Why?" Ben: "Because then you're the spider catcher." Well, I was the spider catcher today because I was running in the dark at 5:30am this morning! … [Read more...]

Finally Food Inc.

After the longest wait (I wanted to see it before I left California!) I saw Food Inc. tonight! I am not going to review it since 1. it's already been reviewed so many times and 2. I figured I'd just be preaching to the converted. But one extra insight I had that I think may be different from some others is how much it bothered me that the Hispanic family in the movie couldn't … [Read more...]