Ann's House of Nuts

As promised, I went to Ann’s House of Nuts today! This place sells nuts wholesale to the public. It is in Jessup, MD. Their prices are great and often when they are overstocked with something you can get it for super cheap! They don’t have a real website, but here is a link to their location info. dscn0434 Ann's House of Nuts

This place is small, but is STOCKED with all kinds of nuts and trail-mixesdscn0428 Ann's House of Nutsdscn0424 Ann's House of Nuts

This place has so much stuff – including candy icon smile Ann's House of Nuts But, I’m a chocolate girl so I wasn’t too impressed.dscn0427 Ann's House of Nuts

I kinda went crazy and got a bunch of stuff…dscn0442 Ann's House of Nuts

and I should have avoided this no matter how inexpensive they are…and they were buy one get one free so I got over 4 pounds of chocolate chunks for $2.00. These are basically squares of dark chocolate (instead of chips) so I am thinking I can use them for baking, trail mix, eating in a big bowl with a spoon, etc…dscn0443 Ann's House of Nuts

These Graham Squares are basically like a sweet cereal.dscn0444 Ann's House of Nuts

Unfortunately, I knew I couldn’t just eat nuts and trail mix all day (boo). So I ate my regularly scheduled lunch.

Cherries before we went to Ann’sdscn0422 Ann's House of Nuts

and a big salad and crackers after.dscn0437 Ann's House of Nuts

Then, a few mixes of my new loot. x2. Ann's House of Nuts Ann's House of Nuts

I have planned out our dinners for the week to help keep track of food spending and not waste food.

Tonight was ww pasta and meatballs. I got veggie meatballs from TJ’s for me and real meatballs for Ben from Costco.dscn0447 Ann's House of Nuts

 Ann's House of NutsCan you tell which is which? This is one of each side by side. The “real” meat ones seem a lot moister than the fakes. (The veggie meatball is on the left.)

Here is my plate. I wasn’t that hungry from an afternoon of eating nuts so this is less than I’d normally eat.dscn0453 Ann's House of NutsAnd I sipped some wine…dscn0454 Ann's House of Nuts

Dessert – frozen smoothie from this weekend that was super hard and I had to chisel away at…dscn0455 Ann's House of Nuts

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

*Context: He was on the phone with his sister who just had a baby and is losing the weight very quickly because of breastfeeding. (She is also breastfeeding her other baby too.)

Ben: “Yeah, but you’re losing it in the most awful way. You’re not sleeping and having the  life sucked out of you.”

Oh, and because I forgot this was my breakfast. I wanted to tell you guys I just decided to eat overflowing spoonfuls of almond butter for breakfast, but now that joke isn’t as funny for some reason. Ann's House of Nuts Ann's House of Nuts


  1. says

    why am I laughing there is even a place CALLED Anns House of Nuts?!

    yet also knowing that were there such place here Id totally take my 3 yo nutaddict there as a fieldtrip

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