PB on My Cereal

Good Morning friends! It is hump day, how are you hanging in there? This week has been a little tough for me with changing my schedule to getting up an hour earlier and being homesick. But, my mom and Matt are coming to visit next week so I am very excited!!! This morning I did the exact same run as yesterday - 6 miles on the same route. I want to keep at this hilly route … [Read more...]

Save the best for last

Today I was thinking about why I always eat snacks after dinner. It is a habit I've be writing about since I started the blog, yet I've made no progress on! So why am I still doing it? I think there are 2 reasons: 1. The RD said that some of the time it's because I don't eat enough during the day. This is true sometimes, but not everyday. 2. I save the best for last. By … [Read more...]