Two steps forward, two steps back

Today is a Rest Day so I hit up the apartment gym for some elliptical time. I am not all about the elliptical since  I don't get "lost" in the workout like I do with my runs so it's kinda boring. I meant to make my 5 year plan during my workout, but then I decided to do 2 minutes forward and 2 minutes backwards. So, I had to pay attention to the time. I think going backwards on … [Read more...]

Chickpea Lovers Club

Today was the first official meeting of the Chickpea Lovers Club. Right now we just have two members - Rose and me :) So, Rose and I got together to talk about chickpeas, hummus, garbanzo beans, etc. It was great. Okay, the truth is Rose and I got together for dinner tonight. I contacted her the longest time ago with questions about MD and she was always so helpful Now that … [Read more...]