Run with Kath

I am normally a solo runner. I never really had someone to run with and I really enjoy the "me time" running alone gives me. But, when I heard Kath was nearby and down for a run I knew it would be a good time. We met up this morning and ran around the Goucher College campus. We did about 4 miles at a slow, steady pace. I didn't even realize we were running because we were … [Read more...]

Long Walk Home

I have walked home after work every day this week. I'm very proud of myself because that's an extra 3 miles of walking 5 days in a row! It takes me an hour though, so that is kind of a's a long road home! I change out of my work clothes and into walking clothes in the restroom. Today I was barefoot on the bathroom floor and thought to myself, "I hope I don't get … [Read more...]