Run with Kath

I am normally a solo runner. I never really had someone to run with and I really enjoy the “me time” running alone gives me.

But, when I heard Kath was nearby and down for a run I knew it would be a good time. We met up this morning and ran around the Goucher College campus. We did about 4 miles at a slow, steady pace. I didn’t even realize we were running because we were talking the whole time. I definitely need to run with people more often! It was fun! And of course it was great to meet Kath since I’ve been reading her blog for so long! She is super cute in person too :)Kath and Monica I

Before I met up with Kath I actually got up super early to run 6 miles on my own. Saturdays are normally a long run day for me and I knew she and I would just be doing about 4. I didn’t want to postpone my long run since Sunday is my Rest Day and I keep those religiously (hey, it’s supposed to be a day of rest, right?).

After the 6 miles I stopped in to change out of my first pair of sweaty clothes and had toast with PB and this Elixir drink. I love these!DSCN0561After leaving the run with Kath I looked it up on my phone and saw there was a Whole Foods nearby. I ended up looking and looking, but with no luck. I think maybe it moved or closed?? Anyways, by then I felt the need to refuel so I stopped at Panera and ate half a Chocolate Chip Bagel with lf Honey Walnut cream cheese. A. Maze. Ing. I don’t think you understand, but I can’t explain it. This was good. This was an Intuitive Eating choice. I’ve been craving a good bagel (not some bullshit mini one) and I really enjoyed every bite. At first I was only going to eat half, but I wanted the whole thing.DSCN0566

When I got home I rounded out the breakfast with kiwis and an egg on top of the rest of the bagel.DSCN0571

I also took a bite of the Dutch Crunch bagel I got for Ben. Yum!DSCN0568

I have a very busy day ahead of me…

1. Costco

2. “Girl errands”

3. Dinner with friends :)

4. Cleaning this squalor – this may wait until tomorrow…


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    I love running with a group. I was always a solo runner but then started running with the local running club. Now I can’t wait until Saturday morning group runs! It’s the best! I’m glad you found someone to run with!

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    I really like the Camelback Elixirs. When I mix it with water in my running bottle, it squirts out streams. I have to warn my runner friends whenever I use the Elixir, but I think it’s quite funny to see the squirts go out unexpectedly.

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    So jealous of your run with Kath! I usually like to run alone too because it allows me to think. But occassionally I will run with friends. It’s a nice change of pace.

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    When you opt for a bagel you definitely got to go all the way. And that sounds like pretty much the most delicious bagel/spread combo I’ve ever seen. Awesome choice. And awesome running!

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