Bowl O'Smoothie

Rest day = 45 minute walk this morning before it got hot :) I really wish I was craving PB Stuffed French Toast this morning since I don't have time to make "fancy" breakfasts during the week, but all I really wanted was a smoothie. So, I made a big smoothie in a bowl topped with granola and it really hit the spot! I also had a spoonful of almond butter out of the jar for … [Read more...]

Something's Missing

I am kinda getting used to long runs on Saturdays, so the 2 part run yesterday made me feel like something was missing. It was really weird, but I didn't feel like I got a good run in at all. Maybe my legs were just restless? Saturday eats are often random for me because I eat breakfast late and/or and running errands during normal lunch time so I mostly just snacked here and … [Read more...]