Something's Missing

I am kinda getting used to long runs on Saturdays, so the 2 part run yesterday made me feel like something was missing. It was really weird, but I didn’t feel like I got a good run in at all. Maybe my legs were just restless?

Saturday eats are often random for me because I eat breakfast late and/or and running errands during normal lunch time so I mostly just snacked here and there yesterday. I think I can recall an apple, root vegetable chips (delicious, but still super fried), hummus and cherries?

We met up with my former co-worker from CA that moved here earlier this year. It was great to see a familiar face in Maryland! My co-worker, Kristin and her husband invited Ben and I to dinner at their amazing new house. Seriously youĀ  can get so much more for your money here! When we got there she had hummus, crackers and veggies set out. This girl knows me!DSCN0584

A lot of wine was had :) I don’t know if you realize this but, I don’t drink that often. I mean, when I party – I party…DSCN9912

Hard…DSCN9917Okay, maybe too hard sometime…V2009 179

DSCN0586But I don’t usually drink on weekdays and occasionally will have a drink or two on the weekends. Well, last night I had 4 (?) glasses of wine and they made me very happy. I need to drink more…(is that tragic to say?)

She made veggie lasagna and I brought over saladDSCN0588.

DSCN0593 DSCN0594

I really wanted to make something to bring for dessert, but time got away from me and I ended up just picking up some cookies from Costco. I had a chocolate chip and then went back for an oatmeal. These cookies are big and I should have just stopped at one, but I didn’t bring any home so I won’t be staring at tempting cookies everyday!DSCN0595

Raise your hand if you’re happy that I have a friend in Maryland (I am raising my hand right now)!

Raise your hand if you’re happy Monica’s going to be drinking more from now on (Ben is raising his hand).


  1. Pam says

    HA! I’m the same way. I rarely drink unless I go out. I just had a glass of wine just because and it was great.

    Yay for making new friends!

  2. Barista says

    I just jumped on the wine train about 4 months ago….and now I’m a damn sucker for it. It’s just sooo good! And I get tipsy off one little glass (don’t ask me why I keep going to 3, 4, 5…)

    Glad to have another member of the wine club :)

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