It's getting hot in here

 It's getting hot in hereThe AC in our office is broken. It was 94 in there today. Seriously. Way to sweat it up in my dress that’s dry clean only. Way to go.

Note to self: Don’t buy dry clean only clothes. You are poor. Dry cleaning is fancy, you aren’t.

In other, more happy news…I got my Operation Beautiful shirt! Woo-woo!dscn0632 It's getting hot in here

Lunch was the usual – PB&J, carrots fruit. I have to change this up!dscn0623 It's getting hot in here

I also opted to have my trail mix because I wasn’t full.dscn0624 It's getting hot in here

We got to leave work early because we were melting. I just got home and cut up my huge watermelon and now am happily eating it icon smile It's getting hot in here  It's getting hot in here

My big plans for the rest of the afternoon involve hang up my clothes – yes, the clothes I moved all the way from CA are in a big pile on the floor. I’m not trying to pretend that I am a super Type A neat freak. Nope. I’m keeping it real for my readers.

Oh, I”m also ordering wedding photos!!! We finally got the CDs with proofs!


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