I have been meaning to make overnight oats for the longest time and keep forgetting! I think it’s way too hot now for hot oatmeal and I’ve been missing a bowl o’ oats :)

I found this yogurt at Costco this weekend (they didn’t have it the last time I went). I hope it’s a regular item there!DSCN0582

In the mix: 1/2c oats, 1/2c yogurt, almond milk, raisins, cinnamon and banana. This morning I added granola and almond butter. Let’s see if this keeps me as full at warm oats.DSCN0617Before breakfast I woke up early for 6 miles around town :) It felt really good. I guess I needed an easier weekend run.

My mom and Matt (my little bro) are coming to visit me this week! I’m excited.

Happy Monday!


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    Overnight oats are a lifesaver in the summer… as long as you can remember to actually make them the night before (d’oh).

    Have fun with your mom and brother! Anything fun planned?

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    I will be making overnight oats tonight. I need something quick for tomorrow since I’m super busy and I have my trainer first thing in the morning. Thanks for the reminder oats don’t have to be hot.

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