Intuitive Eating Challenge & Friday Beverages

Why Wait until Monday? The Intuitive Eating Challenge should start today! I weigh myself on Fridays (for no reason in particular) and realized I have lost 7 pounds since I first wrote the "About" page. Now, that's not very impressive since I wrote it over a year ago, but I am not 17 pounds away from my goal, I'm only 10! I'm very happy about this :) This Challenge is really … [Read more...]

Disney World Marathon Training

Here is a link to my training plan for the Disney World Marathon January 10, 2010! Disney World Marathon Training I broke each day of the week down like this: Sunday: Rest day/Yoga or strength training Monday: MP = Marathon Pace run Tuesday: Hills or Speed work Wednesday: Easy run Thursday: Rest day/Strength Friday: Easy run Saturday: Long Run I change my training … [Read more...]

Friday :)

I think the title speaks for itself! Today I did an easy 4.75 miles. It was supposed to be 5, but the last quarter mile was all uphill and it was supposed to be an easy run because I have a long run tomorrow. Massive Dogs!!! I was running along this morning when I saw a massive dog on the path ahead of me! I freaked out! Until I realized it was a deer. There aren't deer where … [Read more...]

Read/Walk and the Weirdest Dinner

I didn't take a picture of the temperature at work today, but you're going to have to take my word for it that it was 91 degrees. WTF. I always joke that I wish I was a lizard that could just lay on a rock in the sun all day, but this is too much. I welcomed the walk home today since it was cooler outside than in my office! And today I brought along reading material. I've … [Read more...]