My Parents are trying to kill me

After last night's buffet extravaganza I thought I was going to burst! This morning my dad suggested the Holiday Inn buffet for breakfast. (On the plus side, it’s actually a very low priced buffet.) Yes, two meals in a row were buffets! My parents are trying to kill me. My mom jokingly said I’m not going to want them to visit anymore after we’ve been eating out so much! But, … [Read more...]

My first crabs…

I finally tried Maryland crabs today! And I dunno how I feel about it... After a day of sightseeing around Washington D.C. with my family (visiting from CA) we went to is a buffet and it's dangerous. They are not messing around at this place! The buffet was extensive with a salad bar, pasta bar, meat carving station, random fried foods, desserts and huge … [Read more...]