My first crabs…

I finally tried Maryland crabs today! And I dunno how I feel about it…DSCN0835

After a day of sightseeing around Washington D.C. with my family (visiting from CA) we went to Phillips…it is a buffet and it’s dangerous.DSCN0816

They are not messing around at this place! The buffet was extensive with a salad bar, pasta bar, meat carving station, random fried foods, desserts and huge steaming pots of crabs, crab legs, clams and other stuff I don’t know about.DSCN0818


I always begin a buffet with a plate of salad (or veggies) so I make sure to get in some vegetables before I get full on random crap.DSCN0832

My crabs, sweet potatoes, paella and other random things. I also had corn bread I shared with Matt. My verdict: cracking and eating crabs is kinda disturbing and a lot of work. This is my first time eating whole crabs so I didn’t really know what I was doing. So, maybe with a lesson I would enjoy them more? I dunno, I wasn’t all about it.DSCN0828


They had funnel cake at the dessert bar. What is this the county fair? I was a little too happy about it.DSCN0825


But, the funnel cake was just okay. I took a couple of bites of everything, because I couldn’t just pick one thing. DSCN0836

Then, I got a small scoop of ice cream and all was right in the world. Actually, Buffets are the devil. Everytime I walk (or am rolled) away super stuffed. Boo.DSCN0841

Before dinner we went to the Ford Theater and the Archives.DSCN0796

After dinner and the massive buffet we were all in need of a walk. We went to the Vietnam Memorial. I’ve been here before, but it’s pretty amazing everytime.DSCN0849

I think the pictures speak for themselves…DSCN0855DSCN0850


I should be exhausted, but I’m not? I wonder why…maybe it was the huge cups of iced tea from dinner (caffeine?).

Are you honoring your hunger?

Me: I think I “honored my hunger” a little too much today!

Any yes, I wanted to make a joke that “I got crabs”. But, I didn’t feel like making any sexually related jokes since the dress I’m wearing today makes me look like I have the chest of an 8 year old boy. Ouch. This are my boobs when I’m 10 pounds overweight…how sad are they at my healthy weight?DSCN0814


  1. Barista says

    10 pounds overweight?! in what world???

    I know we all have our weight issues, but you LOOK GREAT! I feel like a total cow when i read about you feeling fat!

  2. Julie says

    I feel for you on the no boobies, sister. I prefer to call mine what is really is…a clavicle. I have no boobs to speak of!

    PS – Don’t lose 10 more pounds! You will dissapear! You really look great.

  3. WholeBodyLove says

    Crabs and Lobsters are not something I can bring myself to eat since they still look so lifelike when plated. I also don’t want to see something alive in a tank before I sentence it to death for the sake of my indulgence. Maybe that’s why I eat primarly vegetarian… I am also a member of the Boobless Babe Club.

  4. CJ says

    Oh man seafood buffet, that is heaven to me. Just thinking about it has made me hungry, must find some lunch to eat.


  5. says

    I hear you on the boob “less” thing. I’m so happy right now I think I have a full A!! Now i’m in competition training and those will be the first to go :( Must be a redhead thing?

  6. says

    Aww, crabs are definitely a ton of work for just a little bit of meat…but it’s so much fun on a summer day to just sit out on a picnic table lined with newspapers picking crabs w/friends with pitchers of beer. Messy and fun! Annapolis and Baltimore have a TON of legit crab shacks :)

  7. says

    once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a cracking queen. crabs are a social thing i feel like. people hang out , talk, while cracking because it takes so long haha. glad you got to try them!

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