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Hello friends, I am currently working on completely re-vamping and improving the blog. I am trying to pin down my new slogan and wanted your opinion. Let me know what you think…


  1. says

    OH, you have to go with the chocolate one! It’s too cute. I should have thought about creating a poll for my blog. It took me forever to decide on one. Love reading your blog. Keep the good work. :D

  2. says

    I’d say either Healthy eating the fun way or a fun way of being healthy because that sums up how I see your blog – you focus on being healthy, but you’re not deadly serious and sincere about it – you still know how to enjoy yourself (and let your readers enjoy themselves reading your blog!)

  3. sydneybristow2009 says

    Your food always looks SO healthy !! I am currently trying to break an addiciotn to junk food.

    Good luck training for the October marathon !! I’m taking a break after this weekend’s AFC Half Marathon in San Diego. But come November … I’ll be training again too.

    Really enjoy your food photos !!

  4. says

    Hey Monica, I voted! I say go with one that’s unique and memorable. There are so many blogs, being different is what it’s all about!

    Good luck in Marine Corps. That’s definitely on my list. I did Disney this year; that’s a fun one (of course).

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