Confession: I am an addict

I think it's fairly obvious that I have a problem, but I thought I was hiding it from my family, friends and all of you - Apparently not. Ben sent me this link today. He figured it out... I can't take it any more - the glazed look in your eyes, the constant need for new shoes... you're an addict. Confessions of a running addict from the Telegraph. Signs of my addiction: Get … [Read more...]

All Around Athlete

Sunday morning I did some strength training and lunges. I woke up Monday and today SORE! This tells me 2 things: 1. It is working 2. I need to do these moves more often Training for a race of anything length is taxing on your body, especially those big leg muscles you are using over and over in a repetitive motion. This can be a good thing in making them strong :) And a bad … [Read more...]