I actually look forward to my walk home after work - courtesy of my "Chevrolegs" :) Ben and I are still deciding whether or not we should get my car out here (it's still in CA!). I can't decide. I know I will really appreciate having it here in the winter, but I don't know if I need it here??? It's realistic that I may need it, I have no idea what a "real" winter is like (I … [Read more...]

Distance vs. Time

After Caitlin asked about "What is a long run?" it got me thinking. I have always thought of runs in terms of distance, but over time my running has gotten a little faster (don't get all crazy, not much) so I am running the same distance, but less time. I used to run 6 miles on  my treadmill 5 days a week. I did 10 minute miles so it took me one hour. Today I decided to run … [Read more...]

Walking and reading

I've been bringing reading material along for my walk home from work. Today I was reading Intuitive Eating, I know I'm super predictable. Anyways, reading the book slowly- as I actually go through the process, is very helpful. Part of what I read today talked about self talk and that this is a process. When you mess up - and you will. - don't talk to yourself negatively. This … [Read more...]