Work for vacation

I have a lot to do before we leave for Belize: - Organize Closet - Wash Clothes - Pack - Go to the store for toiletries - Reserve: Shuttle to 2nd location - Research Activities/reservations - Set up posts and guest posts while I am away - Mail TY cards - no, I am still not done with this :( Vacations can be a lot of work - at least until you actually get there! I ate … [Read more...]


Don't you hate it when you're in a rush in the morning. I dashed out the door feeling like I was forgetting something. I hate that! But, it was completely my fault because I chose not to make lunches the night before and I overslept on my alarm. The combination made for a frantic morning! Today was a Rest Day so I did some strength moves in my front room and then took a short … [Read more...]

Pick a treat

I have a lot of things to do, but I would rather mess around. I need to get on task! This afternoon I had another snack of trail mix. When I got home I had random bites of leftovers when I decided to plate a meal. I had sweet potato "fries" and a big salad with hummus. After dinner I couldn't decide what I wanted to have a for a treat. I made Raw Choc-Oat Cookies - love … [Read more...]

I Love Rotta Wine

***This post is from Friday - for some reason it never got published. I'm just posting this for tonight because I'm having computer problems - must be all that porn I've been looking at...*** I got home and did my new "30 minute wait" before eating and it totally worked. I bet the chocolate chip muffin helped keep me from being hungry :) I made Pita Pizzas for dinner. I love … [Read more...]