Day of rest & Raspados

I always Rest the day after a long run, but I can't do nothing! So Ben and I took a walk after our initial test of the Push-Up Challenge. After church and errands I mentioned the Raspado stand that saved my life one day after I had been walking for an hour. Ben had never been there so we stopped. I got a medium mango. Isn't it funny that there is some man with a snow cone … [Read more...]

Push-ups Challenge

Ben and I saw Julie and Julia last night. I liked it! I normally only like trashy comedies like The Hangover and the timeless classics like Tommy Boy. But, we both really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I saw some of myself in Julie? And it made Ben happy to know that I am "normal for a blogger" and he's not the only husband who has a blogger wife :) We started the date with … [Read more...]