Day of rest & Raspados

I always Rest the day after a long run, but I can’t do nothing! So Ben and I took a walk after our initial test of the Push-Up Challenge.

After church and errands I mentioned the Raspado stand that saved my life one day after I had been walking for an hour. Ben had never been there so we stopped. I got a medium mango. Isn’t it funny that there is some man with a snow cone stand in his front yard? Today I learned he also sells produce. Noted.DSCN1275

Before I let myself devour the raspado I knew I needed a real lunch. I wanted 2 things: veggies and popcorn. I know it’s random, but I listened. First, I made a HUGE salad topped with chickpeas for protein.DSCN1280DSCN1279

And then I let myself eat all the popcorn I wanted. I was happy. Simple pleasures are the best.DSCN1282

Now I have to clean, but I’m trying hard to procrastinate. Feel free to leave a pressing question or comment on the blog that I must drop everything to attend to!


  1. Laura says

    My only pressing question is if you had any good recipe ideas for sour blackberries? I’ve been looking all day for a good idea but no luck. I just bought them but for some reason they are all bitter….I just don’t want to throw them away!

    You are lucky to have a guy-with-a-snow-cone-stand-in-his-yard nearby. I would be visiting him every day! =]

  2. Laura says

    That’s a great idea! Better than making jam since we don’t really ever eat jam….Thanks! My boyfriend will love it with his chocolate chip pancakes! Haha.

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