Push-ups Challenge

Ben and I saw Julie and Julia last night. I liked it! I normally only like trashy comedies like The Hangover and the timeless classics like Tommy Boy. But, we both really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I saw some of myself in Julie? And it made Ben happy to know that I am “normal for a blogger” and he’s not the only husband who has a blogger wife :)

We started the date with Thai food. I ate a bunch of watermelon before we left so I didn’t think I was hungry, but I ended up eating a lot! Ben got a some interesting curry with shrimp and avocado.DSCN1265

I ordered a side of spicy veggies since I haven’t been eating enough lately! This was a rip-off for $10.00. Not worth it.DSCN1266

I also got Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp. This is totally not something I would normally order since it’s fried and just a big bowl of white rice, but it’s what I wanted. I am really trying to listen to what my body is craving and ignore the Food Police, but it’s hard. And this ended up being a bad pick because I wasn’t full after eating this?! WTF.DSCN1269DSCN1271

After the movie I wanted ice cream, but everything was closed. So, I went back home to raid our fridge. I had ice cream with granola and 2 chocolate chip cookies – this was not necessary but it happens.DSCN1272

Push-ups Challenge

This morning I did the initial test for the 100 Push-ups Challenge**, 100 Squats Challenge and 100 Sit-ups Challenge.

Today I was just supposed to see how many of each I could do and what category I should start the exercises in. I fell into the “suck” category. But, in six weeks I should be able to do 100 push-ups! **I am doing Girl-Style push-ups because I have a vagine (va-zheen).And because I’m lazy with strength training, so this is already asking a lot.

Ben and I are doing the Challenge together for the next six weeks. I’ll update ya as we go!

Happy Sunday, eat some breakfast :)DSCN1273


  1. says

    2 things for you my dear:

    1) Ice cream munchies later at night do happen…but they are so beautiful. :)

    2) You make me really want to try the pushups, squats, and situps challenge. I am getting ready to go read more about them. Are you doing them all at once? Will that be too hard for a weakling like me? I kinda want to jump on the challenge train with you! And we could hold each other accountable and document it on the bloggies. ??? What do you think?

  2. says

    even though you fall into the “suck” category (your word NOT MINE!) it’s amazing how strong you can feel after the challenge. i did the pushup one over the summer and, although i doubled up some of the weeks, i felt so good after i did the 100! woot! and good luck!

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