Fruity & Ruby

After a big, late lunch all I wanted for dinner was fruit! I cut up an apple, 2 kiwis and some watermelon. DSCN1285

On the side I had a piece of cheese toast – this is one of my favorite savory things to eat. Normally I’m a sweets girl all the way.DSCN1286

I have been having a very hard time randomly snacking whenever I’m in the kitchen and the way I’ve decided to stop this is to

1. Chew gum while I’m cooking dinner.

2. If I leave room for dessert – choose 1 thing to eat after dinner and not eat anything else while making lunches.

3.  After I’m done – brush my teeth. Turn off the kitchen lights.

I made a big bag of trail-mix tonight too. I love this stuff.DSCN1288

Now I’m watching Ruby. I love this show and think she’s super cute and inspirational!

But, is it sad that I’m eating ice cream while watching her show (about her struggle with weight-loss)? I feel guilty…DSCN1289Tomorrow I’m up early for a run! See you then!


  1. Evan Thomas says

    Naw, don’t feel guilty. I always felt hungrier watching The Biggest Loser. I think that’s they key to life though: finding a way to eat the good stuff like ice cream and still live a healthy life

  2. livelaughloveandrun says

    I totally know what you mean about snacking while in the kitchen. I’m so guilty of that! What do you put in your trail mix? I’m a trail mix junkie, but never thought to make it myself.

  3. says

    That fruit salad looks absolutely amazing!

    Chewing gum while in the kitchen? That’s such a great idea! I’m so bad at snacking while I’m cooking… but also when I put my daughter in her high chair and give her a handful of crackers, I take two or three.

    That being said, I must go watch Ruby! (I adore her show!)

  4. says

    I love watching The Biggest Loser, but it seems so hippocritical for them to be showing so many junk food commercials during the show!

    Sometimes when I’m watching TV at night I realize I snack more because I need to keep my hands busy than because I’m actually hungry. So I floss while I’m sitting on the couch in front of the tv. That also deters me from a snack later.

  5. lessonstolearn says

    I definitely snack at night out of habit. I need to do the same thing….choose one thing, eat it, and then brush my teeth. When I do this, it works, and yet I too often make return trips to the kitchen. That would be a good challenge for myself….

  6. Nicole says

    I LOVE your blog, you’re funny and insightful and help keep me sane at work! I look forward to reading your updates after a long weekend!

    Anyway, thank you for posting details about your trail mix, it always looks so yummy! Have a good day, and sorry for posting on a blog from so long ago!

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