One Waffle? WTF?

I don’t know what I was thinking by  having just 1 waffle and a Green Monster for breakfast. That is not enough food for me. My RD has told me I need to eat more in the morning (and at lunch) to avoid overeating/binging later. Today is perfect example of why – I was hungry at 9am and can’t seem to get full now!

At 9am I ate an apple to help, but it didn’t do much.DSCN1301

A bit later I ate some pretzels with almond butter and some unpictured trail mix – this helped :) This girl needs a hearty breakfast – that’s that. DSCN1302

I still ate lunch at noon – I was hungry. I had a veggie burger wrap with a pickle on the side. DSCN1304

I’m excited about this Seltzer find too :) I’d like to call this – “sideways seltzer” and claim that the pic is side ways on purpose.DSCN1306

And a couple of dark chocolate covered pretzels for dessert – these are the last of them :(DSCN1307

I’m gonna break into my fruit and yogurt in a bit!

Health News:

People who drink alcoholic beverages are more likely to exercise than non-drinkers. Es bueno soy borracha :)


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    oh boy, i should grab a beer and check out that link! better get some more pretzels, those look amazing! i love the twists over the sticks. your wrap looks good, i hope you were finally able to get full! i hate that!

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    Thats an interesting fact about drinking and exercising! I only have a drink maybe once a month, but can maybe have some more often now!
    Your wrap looks delicious today!

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    That’s really interesting about the exercising to drinking relationship. I exercise a ton but don’t drink at all. I wonder how crazy I would be if I did drink…not that I’m gonna start. :-)

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    wow all that food looks sooo yummy

    i know the problem, if i dont end up eating enough for bfast or lunch, when i get home from work i eat a second lunch .. or end up eating another lunch like meal after dinner haha …

    i try to avoid that as much as possible though! i am just never hungry when i wake up at 5:30 am !

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    I feel like I’ve been eating a lot at night the past couple days and I’m starting to think I’m not eating enough during the day at work… even though I feel like I eat constantly!

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