Confession: I am an addict

I think it's fairly obvious that I have a problem, but I thought I was hiding it from my family, friends and all of you - Apparently not. Ben sent me this link today. He figured it out... I can't take it any more - the glazed look in your eyes, the constant need for new shoes... you're an addict. Confessions of a running addict from the Telegraph. Signs of my addiction: Get … [Read more...]

All Around Athlete

Sunday morning I did some strength training and lunges. I woke up Monday and today SORE! This tells me 2 things: 1. It is working 2. I need to do these moves more often Training for a race of anything length is taxing on your body, especially those big leg muscles you are using over and over in a repetitive motion. This can be a good thing in making them strong :) And a bad … [Read more...]

Trust Exercise

This whole Intuitive Eating thing really is a trust exercise between you and you. This week I'm supposed to be working on Making Peace with Food. I made my list and plan on freeing myself from the stigma of "DO NOT EAT THIS" in my head. I don't think that is the hard part. Right now the hard part is giving myself permission to eat any food on the list or not. I don't trust … [Read more...]

Everyone has bad runs

I am a recreational runner and in no way can I compare myself to these amazing professional athletes - I'm talking about the best female runners in the United States. Kara Goucher and Tera Moody are two of these women. These ladies had "bad" runs this week. Well, bad for them, I guess. Those stats would have been life changing for me ;) But, it does give me some comfort to know … [Read more...]

Running in the Dark

I was Running in the Dark today because I had to wake up super early to get to work on time. I left for my run at 5:30am – which I’ve done before, but for some reason the sun was making no attempts to rise yet! I was actually scared because it was so dark! I couldn’t even see the lines on the sidewalk – which is dangerous because in some places it’s very uneven.   Here … [Read more...]

Weekend Rewind

How was your weekend! I was MIA because the blog was getting some work done – it will be revealed soon :) On Saturday I had crappy run that resulted in a revelation – I need to get my shit together. Isn’t that a profound revelation? Yeah, I know. I missed the “b.l.o.g” (I spell it out when I talk about it to Ben) this weekend. But, I made sure to eat a bunch of super bad for … [Read more...]

Serious about Running

I have always said that I run because I like it, well actually – I love it. It’s my favorite hobby after blogging :) But, I think I need to take it more seriously since I’m training for 26.2 miles and all. I had another super crappy run this weekend and it’s very frustrating. I’m at a point where another bad run is going to break my spirit. Boo. After I walked a lot of my 11 … [Read more...]

Muffin Friday!

I was very excited for Cookie Friday :) After lunch I went to the grocery store next door to my work. I headed straight to the bakery and was ready to grab a chocolate chip cookie...but this Chocolate Chip Muffin caught my eye instead! How is this for a balanced lifestyle - a chocolate chip muffin and a health magazine? Ha. This muffin was definitely one of my "forbidden … [Read more...]

IE – Make Peace With Food

So, I focused on Honoring My Hunger this week and it was a learning experience. I don’t expect to be able to read my hunger perfectly at this point, but I’m trying to be more aware. The third principle of Intuitive Eating is Make Peace With Food. From the Intuitive Eating website: Call a truce, stop the food fight! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat. If you … [Read more...]

Friday Treat

It's Friday! I know Tina has Cookie Friday and I've been having a Friday treat too! I can't decide what it will be yet. But, I know it will start with a DD iced coffee! Run = 5 miles, slow with a few walk breaks on the hills. Damn hills... A breakfast in parts...I need to eat within 30 minutes of running (or that's the goal, that I don't always accomplish) so I ate a yogurt … [Read more...]

My Blog Slogan

Hello friends, I am currently working on completely re-vamping and improving the blog. I am trying to pin down my new slogan and wanted your opinion. Let me know what you think... [polldaddy poll=1898172] … [Read more...]

Chick me out

Do you get it? It’s like “Check me out” but not. Ha. I have A LOT of Chickpeas to eat. I’m not complaining, but I just realized I have 2 Chickpea centered meals in a row today! I could not read my hunger at all today! I didn’t feel hungry, but it had been 4 hours since I ate – that’s weird for me. I didn’t want to get overly hungry so I ate. I don’t know if that’s bad or … [Read more...]

Drip drop PB

Thursday is my rest day from running so I did some light weights and went to the apartment gym for 30 minutes of elliptical. Ben and I were the only ones there, it was nice :) I made Overnight Oats for a quick and delicious breakfast this morning! In the mix: 1/2c oats, 1/2c yogurt, 1/2c almond milk, sprinkle of dried cranberries and banana. This morning I added the … [Read more...]

Hunger Meter

All the comments on my "Hunger" post were very informative! Thanks :) The most common signs of hunger were: Irritability (two people want to kick-ass when they're hungry!) Stomach growling Emptiness in your stomach And it seems that many readers struggle with reading their hunger. The IE book says you should rate your hunger on a scale of 1 through 10. 1 = You are … [Read more...]

Running Away & Suggestions Please!

Question: When you run do you feel like you're running away from something OR to something? This morning I had to tell Matt and my Mom bye and it was really hard. Ben took them to the airport and I was alone before my run. I didn't want to leave for the run because I didn't want to be alone (even though I already was) with my thoughts. It got me thinking...I would rather run … [Read more...]

Day with the Fam

I ditched work today to hang out with my family. I was kinda having a breakdown about them last night and really needed the extra time together for my sanity. We just bummed around and it was great! They are leaving super early tomorrow morning and I won't see them again until October. There may be tears and I'm not a crier. First we hung around and watched random daytime TV … [Read more...]