Salad Tacos


I wanted a lot of veggies for lunch, but didn't just want my usual salad. So, today I made Salad Tacos for lunch! And they were yum! Last night I did pack my  usual bean filled salad, but instead of some toast or crackers to go with it I packed two whole wheat tortillas. (The tortillas are from TJ's and are super doughy and deelish.) I piled my salad into the tortillas and … [Read more...]

Lost and Found


I lost my sunglasses on my run this morning. It was too dark to wear them when I was first leaving, but I need them as soon as the sun comes up because my eyes are very sensitive. They were in my pocket and fell out somewhere during the first mile. When I noticed I had no idea when I dropped them so I continued on my 7 miler with hopes I'd spot them on the way back. I did! I … [Read more...]

Simple but delicious dinner


Wow, my title is so profound and clever. I should be a writer. But, my dinner was super simple and delicious! Ben and I wanted something quick since we were hungry. So, I threw together a quick cole slaw (the same one I made this weekend) and I heated up some falafel balls I found at Costco this weekend to stuff in a pita. For some reason I could not get a good picture … [Read more...]

Half Marathon = Twice as much Fun


The half marathon is my favorite distance to run. I think even though it's half as long as a full marathon, it is twice as much fun! I came across this website dedicated to half marathon races today and I am excited! I found it while researching a half marathon race I found nearby. Ummm, did I mention that I found  half marathon is this weekend? And did I mention that I … [Read more...]

Early Bird Tuesday


Ben needed a ride to the train station this morning so I had to get up earlier than usual to get some elliptical time in. I am definitely a morning person, but getting to work at 7:30am is a little too much. I just did 30 minutes on the machine before I had to get ready to go. Since we were in a rush I threw together lunch and just did cereal for breakfast. It was a mix of … [Read more...]

Just add eggs


Ben swears that all leftovers are better when you toss it in a pan and fry an egg with it. I normally disagree, but since the corn casserole I made yesterday was dry I thought this would be the perfect dish to add an egg to! I reheated the corn casserole and topped it with an over-easy egg. The yolk mixed with everything to moisten it up. Before I left work I ate a … [Read more...]

Start, Stop, Keep


For one of my nutrition courses we are learning about helping people (and yourself) lose weight in a healthy way. I really love that the approach is realistic. Yesterday I read about Start, Stop & Keep. This is where you identify a habit you want to start, one you want to stop and one you want to keep. I figure after a few weeks you can build on it with new habits to start, … [Read more...]

Meet Banana Hammock and friends


In an effort to relieve my severe depression, Ben came home with an aquarium the other day. I told him it wasn't going to work, and we agreed that the aquarium is mostly for him. But, I am going to play along as much as my sad, cat & dog-less self can. We went to the pet store and got three new friends. Meet Banana Hammock, Ghost Face Killa and Chinchilla. Can you tell … [Read more...]

Cereal Killer


I was a cereal killer this morning because I ate this big bowl of it then added some more (and then, some more) just because. I used to completely binge on cereal and haven't done that in a while since I have not brought "those" cereals in the house. (Except for that recent granola buy that was gone in days!) Almost everytime I eat cereal straight up with soymilk I overdo … [Read more...]

New Look


Like my new look? I have been wanted a full-on makeover for a while, but Ben keeps trying to talk me out of dying my hair blonde. I don't want to do it if it's going to look fake so we keep talking about going to a wig store to test it out. We finally passed by one today as we were walking to a furniture store and decided to go for it. I tried on 2 different blond wigs, … [Read more...]

Keep Going!


I did 13.1 miles today in 2:00:58. This is actually 8 minutes slower than my best Half Mary time so I'm not too happy with it, but I still feel like I had a good run :) The hills are still killing me, but they are not stopping me all together. Around mile 9 a little old lady with a walker was coming toward me. I was going to scoot over to the grass so we wouldn't bump into … [Read more...]



Ben and I bought this bottle of "Pantyripa" in Belize. It is basically Malibu Rum and Pineapple juice already mixed. I know it's a super fruity/sweet drink, but it is my #2 favorite drink! I came home and drank some :) Then, I had to write an article on HPV for some freelance work I'm doing. I hope I didn't write anything inappropriate! Dinner was pita pizzas...Ben didn't … [Read more...]

Nervous no more!


I was thinking about how exciting it is that some of my fave FL bloggers have a race tomorrow! But, I would be a total nervous wreck if I was running. That's because I don't race enough. I only do one or two races a year and they are usually half marathons (I just started with the fulls this year). So, I've decided I'm going to sign up for a local 5 or 10K. There are … [Read more...]

A Fresh Start!


Hello and welcome to the new and improved Run,Eat,Repeat! I am considering this new look a part of my Fresh Start. I am very excited to get a fresh start and reevaluate my goals with running, fitness, health and this blog! I love all these things and love that I can share them with my readers. I have put together a RER Mission Statement: Run,Eat,Repeat is dedicated to … [Read more...]

A HOT meal


I normally pack sandwiches or salads for lunch. I do this for a couple of reasons... - I like sandwiches, - It's easy to make them healthy - It's often the cheapest lunch option But today I packed a hot meal  (leftovers from a few nights ago) - tofu stir-fry with brown rice. It was so satisfying to have a hot meal. I think I should do this more often! It was HOT in … [Read more...]

Keep Smiling!


I am trying very hard to keep smiling this morning...I even took this picture of me smiling to prove it :) I am trying very hard to keep smiling even after: - I have decided I am super depressed about being away from the fam - I discovered my delicious Costco veggie burgers were moldy last night and had to throw them away. The, I woke up to smelly trash this … [Read more...]