Seven dollar salad

I made the exact same lunch as yesterday for today and just wasn't feeling it. So, I went next door to the Giant market and got a salad from the salad bar. While $7.00 is A LOT cheaper than a WF salad it's still 7 bucks I didn't have to spend. At least I got a BIG one! Look at the salad container compared to the Kashi box. I was the only one at the salad bar using the biggest … [Read more...]

Tempo Run

My training program called for a Tempo Run this morning - 1 mile warm up, 4 miles Tempo, 1 mile cool down. The point is to run faster than your marathon pace, but be able to sustain it for 4 miles. My  pace fluctuated depending on whether or not the ground was flat where I was, but I think I did well. I hate speed work, but I can get used to tempo runs :) I wanted a big bowl … [Read more...]

My life sounds interesting…

Today at the doctor's office my life must have sounded interesting, or at least crazy, when I had to explain the following: - Sorry, I am late and sweaty because I walked here since my car is in California. - I don't have any of my medical records, as they are in California, but I swear I got the first shot for Hep B - you can take my word for it. I also need Zoloft - just … [Read more...]