Quarter-Life Crisis

My walks home have been giving me a lot of time to think. I love it because I've been having a Quarter Life Crisis for a long time now. I'm done with college, I'm working, but I don't know what's going to make me completely fulfilled. I need a 5 year plan.  I want to be proud of myself. My head is filled with goals and ideas, but I don't feel like I have the time or means to do … [Read more...]

Mexican Genes…

Today is a Rest Day so I slept in a bit and did some strength training in my living room :) If I was consistent with this I know I would see results fast since I'm built to last. My breakfast yesterday was so satisfying I decided to make the same thing again :) Today I added some of those Yogi Crisps. You can eat them dry or use them as cereal. Yogurt, cereal, banana, PB and … [Read more...]

No Cold Condiments

Today I totally ate what I wanted and it made me happy :) My lunch was a big salad bar feast and dinner was simple, but the best! I made a veggie wrap with my new favorite veggie burgers. I put a random carrot on the side for kicks. My condiments of choice for this meal :) I don't keep these in the fridge because I hate when condiments make your food cold! I don't care what … [Read more...]