Light Bulb & Lunch

I had a complete "Light Bulb Moment" the other night as I was talking to my BFF. She is trying to lose weight and was asking me for advice. I asked her,"What are the top 2 or 3 habits that are keeping you overweight?" I explained to her that the things that are keeping me from reaching my goal weight are: -  Snacking in the kitchen when I come home after work/errands - … [Read more...]

Long Run Friday

My long runs are usually on Saturdays, but since we have to leave for the airport at 5am tomorrow I needed to get it in today. I didn't have time for the full 13 miles I would have done on Saturday, but I did 10 miles this morning! This is the longest run I've ever done on a weekday. I was very proud of myself... Stats: 10 miles, just under 1:30 Both Breakfast I couldn't … [Read more...]

Things I want to post, but can't…

Sometimes time there are things I want to post about but can't because certain people read this blog (family, co-workers) and I should be respectable. Damn. Today I said something to Ben that I want to post, but can't...Let's just say I went to a salon place to get something done because I'm going to be in a swimsuit this weekend... "I can't believe I pay someone to get that … [Read more...]