Wedding Extravaganza!

I am on my way to Belize right now!!! Ben and I are going to Belize on our honeymoon. We had to postpone it because we moved to Maryland from California less than a month after the wedding. We got married in Paso Robles, CA. on June 20th. Paso is Central California Wine country and it’s beautiful! Ben and I made many road trips up to Paso (from Orange County). We fell in love … [Read more...]

Belize plans & Yogurt x2

I had two great yogurt experiences today. The first one was when I finally tried the new Pineapple flavored Chobani that everyone has been raving about. I ate it without cereal or toppings to truly experience it - Loved it :) I had some trail mix on the side. A bit later I was going to eat this bar, but it was just okay so I stopped after this piece. When I got home I was … [Read more...]