I think I'm wasted

Earlier I posted about how I have a rash. Well, it didn't get any better over the course of the day and I was feeling super run down when I got home so I took a Benedryl since I think it may be an allergic reaction. Now I feel completely disorriented and lethargic. It's so weird. I've never taken Benedryl before. Before I took it I snacked a bunch at home and realized the … [Read more...]

Running 4 days a week

My new Marathon training plan calls for me to run 4 days a week. Since it is only 4 days a week each run really has to count. They are all hard runs (for me)... Monday - Speed work Wednesday -Temp Run Thursday - My choice :) Saturday - Long Run But, since my long run was yesterday this week (due to travel) I didn't have a Rest Day before Monday Speed Work and I just … [Read more...]

I'm Back!

I'm back in the US and busted out 12 miles this morning! It feels great to be back :) I have one last recap post, but it should be blogging as usual from now on! I ran a bunch of food shopping errands today and had a snack or two along the way :)My eats today were all over the place and I already posted a ton of vacation stuff that you may or may not want to read. I totally … [Read more...]


On the second day inland in Belize we went to Guatemala. Before we left breakfast at the lodge – I ordered homemade granola, yogurt and fruit. The yogurt was kind of weird – slightly tart, but not as smooth as Greek yogurt. It was okay, but looked really pretty :) Cashews on the ride there Tikal! We went to Guatemala to visit Tikal – it is one of the largest Mayan … [Read more...]