Egg Scramble & 12 miler

12 miles in 1:52:something this morning :) I felt good, but I'm still having trouble with the hills. I have gotten a lot slower since moving to MD and I have to blame the hills! When I got back Ben was making an egg/ham and cheese sandwich. It smelled so good! I decided to make an egg scramble sandwich. I used spinach, mushrooms, garlic and cheese. Mixing veggies with eggs is … [Read more...]


"Funger" is my word for when you eat something, not for Hunger, but for Fun. I think most of the time you should only eat for hunger (I'm working on that part), but sometimes you eat for "Fun-ger". Example: At a birthday party - you may have cake even though you're full or ice cream on a hot summer day hits the spot. One time an RD told me - "We don't eat ice cream because … [Read more...]