Time for a makeover!

I'm getting a makeover! Well, not me, but the blog is getting a makeover - and it may be down for a bit after 7pmEST tonight. Hope you give the new look a thumbs up!Actually, I would like a real makeover - I've always wanted to go blond. Question: If you got a free makeover what would you change about yourself? Anything? Nothing? I packed something other than PB&J for … [Read more...]

I'm Going Downhill Fast

Yes, I have to admit that I'm going downhill fast. And then, when I go uphill I'm slow! My training plan called for 1 mile easy, 5 miles at Marathon Pace and 1 mile easy. I did pretty well keeping my Marathon Pace, but the last 3/4 mile of my 5m Marathon Pace is uphill and killed me! See how I'm going downhill fast: Downhill mile: 8:24 Hilly mile: 9:00 (and this was me … [Read more...]

Mini Batch of Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been dying to bake for a week now and finally got the chance today. But, since baking is a major danger zone for me I decided to make a mini-batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies! I made a small batch that made 9 cookies total. I didn't want to bust out a recipe so I made this up as I went along... Ingredients - Makes 9 Healthy Cookies 1/2c oats 1/2c whole wheat … [Read more...]