A HOT meal


I normally pack sandwiches or salads for lunch. I do this for a couple of reasons... - I like sandwiches, - It's easy to make them healthy - It's often the cheapest lunch option But today I packed a hot meal  (leftovers from a few nights ago) - tofu stir-fry with brown rice. It was so satisfying to have a hot meal. I think I should do this more often! It was HOT in … [Read more...]

Keep Smiling!


I am trying very hard to keep smiling this morning...I even took this picture of me smiling to prove it :) I am trying very hard to keep smiling even after: - I have decided I am super depressed about being away from the fam - I discovered my delicious Costco veggie burgers were moldy last night and had to throw them away. The, I woke up to smelly trash this … [Read more...]

New Look in Progress

Hello Hello! My makeover is still a work in progress, we are going to be working out a few kinks over the next day or so. Please stick with me through a few more changes :) Let me know if you have any feedback too! I'll be back with a breakfast post soon! Happy Thursday:) … [Read more...]