A HOT meal

I normally pack sandwiches or salads for lunch. I do this for a couple of reasons…

– I like sandwiches,

– It’s easy to make them healthy

– It’s often the cheapest lunch option

But today I packed a hot meal  (leftovers from a few nights ago) – tofu stir-fry with brown rice. It was so satisfying to have a hot meal. I think I should do this more often! It was HOT in spice too – I went a little crazy with the Sriracha when I topped it off this morning.IMG_1077

The only bad thing about leftovers in tupperware is they never look as good as their plated alternative :)IMG_0891

I ended up going to get a “real” pedicure yesterday. I decided my running feet deserved it. Plus, I had to celebrate. Remember when I dropped a huge can on my toe in January and completely freaked out?!!?! It was less than a month before my first marathon and I was afraid I broke it. Well, it took 9 months for the nail to completely grow out and it’s finally NOT BLUE anymore!!! This is how it looked blue. IMG_1055

Like I said earlier, the blog will have a few more changes tonight. Thanks for your patience!

In sad and scary  news…there is an ultra-marathon runner missing in California. Let’s pray she is found today!


  1. Laura E says

    I love the new layout!! Your toe does look so much better, I remember when it was blue..

    I know you’re really busy, but I was wondering if my email got to you?

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