Keep Smiling!

I am trying very hard to keep smiling this morning…I even took this picture of me smiling to prove it :)IMG_1073

I am trying very hard to keep smiling even after:

– I have decided I am super depressed about being away from the fam

– I discovered my delicious Costco veggie burgers were moldy last night and had to throw them away. The, I woke up to smelly trash this morning.

– I dropped Tapatio this morning while reaching for something else and it crashed down to the floor and splattered everywhere, including underneath the fridge. How the hell am I supposed to clean this?IMG_1059

Keep smiling Monica, stay positive…

Before the Tapatio accident I ran 6 miles and thought about the blog. It is going to get addition changes tonight since this new theme isn’t compatible with everything I want to do. Please stick with me through the changes :)

At least breakfast was good! I made a big smoothie with naner, strawberries, soymilk and spinach. Plus a sandwich thin with lots of PB. *Note: It’s come the point where I’m drinking seltzer with breakfast. Can one of those seltzer machine companies please send me one!!! Please?IMG_1061

I will keep you updated with any changes that may inconvenience the blog. As of right now posts will continue as usual and may have some downtime again tonight.

I have to pick up Ben from the airport after work :) Glad to have a helper for my Tapatio mess I left at home!


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    Girl, I think spilling hot sauce is right up there with spilling quinoa…it gets everywhere and is HARD to clean up! Keep smiling! The new blog looks great… i do want to tweak the header a bit, so i’ll do that for you tonight :) Make it look a bit cleaner and stuff.

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