Nervous no more!

moz screenshot Nervous no more!I was thinking about how exciting it is that some of my fave FL bloggers have a race tomorrow! But, I would be a total nervous wreck if I was running. That’s because I don’t race enough. I only do one or two races a year and they are usually half marathons (I just started with the fulls this year).

So, I’ve decided I’m going to sign up for a local 5 or 10K. There are actually a lot of them coming up so I have my pick (actually I’m having a hard time deciding which one to do which is why I can’t announce when yet)! This should help get some of my nerves out before the Disney Marathon!

Lunch was a big salad with a toasted sandwich thin. Ben actually made my salad this morning since I was didn’t pack it last night! Tons of hummus icon smile Nervous no more! IMG 1114 300x225 Nervous no more!

I had the last two chocolate chip cookies on the side icon smile Nervous no more! IMG 1116 300x225 Nervous no more!

I think I go a little overboard when adding choc chips to things…IMG 1118 300x225 Nervous no more!

Then, my afternoon snacks had more gooey chocolate in the form of a Vitatop! Well, it’s Friday and I’m living it up!IMG 1119 300x225 Nervous no more!

*Reminder folks: I was inspired by this Someecard to tell you to always use a condom!

This has been a Public Service announcement Courtesy of Run,Eat,Repeat!


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    “I’m not pregnant!” is my favorite someecard to send to my boyfriend. I love that site.

    I’m running in a 5k tomorrow and I’m super nervous. I’ve been reading old posts about races on people’s blogs to help with my nerves. Like you, I’m hoping running a few smaller races will help me prepare for a half marathon. We can share our nerves together!

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