Keep Going!

I did 13.1 miles today in 2:00:58. This is actually 8 minutes slower than my best Half Mary time so I’m not too happy with it, but I still feel like I had a good run icon smile Keep Going! The hills are still killing me, but they are not stopping me all together.

Around mile 9 a little old lady with a walker was coming toward me. I was going to scoot over to the grass so we wouldn’t bump into eachother, but she stopped and tried to scoot over before I did. She told me, “Keep Going!” and waved. I told her “Good Morning” with a smile icon smile Keep Going!

Her “Keep Going” really helped me keep going! I needed that right then. So, I am passing it on to you.

“Keep Going! You can do it! Whatever you are aiming for right now, keep going!”

I couldn’t decide if I wanted pancakes or a smoothie for breakfast so after 13 miles I decided to have both. I drank the smoothie while cooking the pancakes.IMG 1139 300x225 Keep Going!

I made pancakes with a recipe I made up as I went along. It had oats, ww flour, egg, cottage cheese, soy milk, baking powder, dash salt. I mixed it up in the blender and cook. IMG 1141 300x225 Keep Going!

I topped with with PB and maple syrup icon smile Keep Going! Ben raved about them!IMG 1143 300x225 Keep Going!

Before my run I ate half an english muffin with PB and this new Bear Naked grain-ola bar. It was just okay. It’s too thin and soft. I think it would be best if you fold it in half and squish it together to bite into it. Then it will have more of a “bite” and chew. IMG 1133 300x225 Keep Going!

I have a lot of cleaning, errands and fun stuff to do this weekend! By fun I mean hanging out with Ben, maybe a museum and eating pizza! I don’t mean going to Vegas and wasting all my money on hookers and blow icon sad Keep Going! Oh well, I’ll make the best of it.

“Keep Going!”


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    Awesome job! Thanks for your comment about my race. It went well. It meant a lot to have well wishes from fellow bloggers. Thanks again :)

    You could always go to Atlantic City for less expensive hookers and blow…just an idea ;)

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