Cereal Killer

I was a cereal killer this morning because I ate this big bowl of it then added some more (and then, some more) just because. I used to completely binge on cereal and haven’t done that in a while since I have not brought “those” cereals in the house. (Except for that recent granola buy that was gone in days!) IMG 1176 300x225 Cereal Killer

Almost everytime I eat cereal straight up with soymilk I overdo it. I think it is best left to be eaten with yogurt for me. IMG 1177 300x225 Cereal Killer

After breakfast Ben and I took a walk. It was raining a lot yesterday and overnight so everything was fresh and clean icon smile Cereal KillerIMG 1180 300x225 Cereal Killer

I was tempted to climb in this fountain but the water was green. Gross.IMG 1182 300x225 Cereal Killer

Ben took this picture of my pit stop…IMG 1181 300x225 Cereal Killer

I have a lot to do today: cleaning, shopping for fish (long story), homework, other. I plan to be done with everything by 6pm (hopefully!) so I can relax for a bit and get to sleep early!

Have a good day!!!


  1. says

    I’m the same way with cereal and soy milk, it’s just so easy to keep going back for more. There’s something final about using a portioned container of yogurt and then adding cereal…keeps me from opening up another container.

    I’m so jealous your husband goes on walks with you. I have to bribe mine with a beer in order to get him to accompany me…

  2. says

    cereal was difficult for me too for a long time. i don’t ever have it anymore though. i find it doesn’t satisfy me at all. comgradulations on developing the awareness you have with cereal in yogurt vs. soy milk!

  3. Kate G. says

    Hey Monica,

    Love your blog, you are hilarious! Just wondering with the blog makeover, did the pictures get smaller? i feel like they are, kind of harder to see…. maybe it’s just me?
    Keep up the awesome work :)

    Kate G.

  4. says

    don worry.. i love cereal as much as you. you should see how crazy i become if i see it on sale. i bought 3 boxes at one go though i had some at home!

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