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Like my new look?IMG_1164

I have been wanted a full-on makeover for a while, but Ben keeps trying to talk me out of dying my hair blonde. I don’t want to do it if it’s going to look fake so we keep talking about going to a wig store to test it out. We finally passed by one today as we were walking to a furniture store and decided to go for it.

I tried on 2 different blond wigs, but they didn’t have a lot of options at this place. I don’t think their target market is redheads looking for blond wigs :( The lady who was helping me actually laughed when Ben brought me this one to try. IMG_1167

We went to the local Dutch Market today for a fun/exploration outing. After reading about it on local food blogs I knew Ben would love it! IMG_1159

They have so many goodies, it’s hard to not partake :) I got a soft pretzel (asked for no butter) and that was basically lunch. IMG_1146

Ben ate a sausage and cheese filled one (for those local meat eaters who would like to attend the market). IMG_1148

It’s a big warehouse type building wtih a bunch of booths dedicated to specific foods. They have meat, cheese, candies, fruit, a whole booth dedicated to cake and cheesecake and more! IMG_1156

These are the HUGEST heads of cabbage I’ve ever seen!!! I bought a half of one and it’s major. I better get started on some cole slaw!IMG_1150

We got way too many goodies, including this “Monster Cookie” – oatmeal, PB, chocolate chips.IMG_1163

Ben picked out these almond, carmel, chocolate things…IMG_1160

The rest of my day was snacky and random. I am going to stop doing this because it’s really hard for me to tell if I’m hungry or not after snacking.

I was craving sushi for dinner! We got a couple rolls to share and I ate some of Ben’s bento box thinger.IMG_1170IMG_1168

On the way home I wanted ice cream and absolutely NOTHING was going to stop me. But, it was rainy (fanfuckingtastic Maryland) and I didn’t want to go too far. We picked up this from the store and I pimped it out to be like a DQ Blizzard.IMG_1172

I topped it with smashed up Reese’s, almonds, granola bar and anything else high in calories I could get my hands on. IMG_1175

So, who votes for my new witness protection program look?


  1. says

    I love that Amish market. The people are so nice there too. It’s actually moving in a few months over by my house in Laurel. I’m looking forward to that because the building it resides in now is a little rickety, no?

    The little area off in its’ own part of the building with all of the baked goods is my favorite part (besides the veggie stand area). They have the best homemade bread!

  2. says

    Keep the red! You remind me so much of Joan Holloway on Mad Men. In looks and in spunk :) The last time I wanted a makeover, my stylist talked me out of dying my hair and trying a new cut with a bunch of fun layers and parting it differently.

    All the eats are yummy. I love how it says OVERLOAD! on the ice cream package.

  3. says

    I really enjoy your blog! That pretzel looks amazing too!!!!! I am a sushi addict, I could eat it everyday! Im new to the food blog world, just wanted to say hello and that your blog rocks!

  4. Audrye says

    Keep your amazing red hair! What is with people wanting to be boring blonde? Everyone is blonde it seems. You have a unique hair color and I think you should be proud of it!

  5. Kristin says

    I like the red! I wouldn’t go all blond, maybe you could do a few highlights though if you did want to change it up a bit.

    Oh and btw, I wanted to see what you’re up to on Sat, I’ll give ya a call tomorrow! :)

  6. says

    I didn’t realize my reader wasn’t getting your posts until I saw others mention it on Twitter! Sorry! :-(

    I say stay with the red hair! I LOVE your red hair and I am super jealous of it!! I always wanted to be a redhead. :-)

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